When it comes to choosing reclaimed wood, it’s not as simple as visiting your local lumber yard and choosing whatever trips your trigger. The quality of reclaimed wood definitely changes by the supplier, and if you choose the wrong reclaimed wood, it can be very difficult indeed to work with.

Knuckles Up Woodwork in Three Rivers is very particular about the reclaimed wood we choose for our custom woodworking furniture and projects, as well as the reclaimed wood for sale we offer. Below are some tips we use to select reclaimed wood. Contact us today for your barnwood for sale!

Choose Dry, Tight Wood

It’s super important to inspect all of the wood that you buy when you are buying reclaimed wood. After all, it has been used before, and you won’t necessarily know if it was used to hold up a building or was found at the bottom of a river and dragged up and dried out. While you want a beautiful, environmentally-friendly wood, you also want a reclaimed wood that you can actually work with.

Knuckles Up Woodwork in Three Rivers recommends that you look to ensure your reclaimed wood has no large cracks or splits that could ruin the look of your project (most reclaimed wood does have small cracks in it). Large cracks can also affect the structural integrity of your wood project as well. You’ll also want to make sure the wood is dry and not rotted.

Look for Stability

One of the benefits of reclaimed wood is that it is known to be incredibly strong and hard. This is due to the fact that reclaimed wood was mostly harvested from old-growth forests that contained a much tighter grain than the wood of today. In addition, reclaimed wood, unless it’s from the bottom of a river, has had decades to dry out; whereas, new trees don’t sit that long without being used.

That being said, one disadvantage of reclaimed wood is that you don’t know its history; you don’t know if it spent its entire former life exposed to the elements or if it was heavily used before. Thus, Knuckles Up Woodwork in Three Rivers recommends that you ensure your reclaimed wood does not contain soft parts, wood rot, or mold anywhere on it or in it. You’ll also want to look for signs of insects. One sign is if you see bits that resemble sawdust. If you find any off-putting signs, you’ll want to move on to another piece of reclaimed wood.

Keep Your End Project in Mind

When choosing reclaimed wood for sale, you’ll want to keep your end project in mind as you do. For instance, if you are looking to carve some unique cutlery from your reclaimed wood, some old barn wood may be just the thing you need. However, if you are looking for reclaimed wood for sale that will be used in your kitchen, odds are you a wood that is more aesthetically pleasing, free from blemishes as much as possible, and perhaps one that is known to have been used for flooring in the past.

Choose For Beauty

Even if you are merely carving a toy ship for your son, you want it to be beautiful. The reason you are hunting up and down the whole state of Texas for reclaimed wood for sale is because you want a wood that is unique and beautiful. After all, you have to look at it in your home. You want something that will be functional and add value and beauty to your home. Don’t settle for less.


Rescuing still-viable lumber from the literal wood pile, our team has quickly become the region’s most trusted experts in reclaimed wood. We are proud to be a local, family-owned business that remains steadfast in our commitment to eco-friendly practices and processes. Our team works with area builders, woodworkers, and craftsmen by harvesting, reclaiming, and distributing barnwood planks, shiplap and other used lumber goods. Our clients know us to be exceptionally knowledgeable about a wide variety of wood species, and truly trust us for high-quality wood that is appropriate for the task at hand.

With a passion for sharing the lasting, natural beauty of reclaimed wood, we carefully hand select every plank, beam, post, and board for superior structural integrity. We understand the telltale signs of permanent disrepair and those that are just time-worn blemishes. All of our stocks of wood promise years of structural durability and unquestionable beauty.

It’s not impossible to find high-quality reclaimed wood for sale; you may have to just work a little harder and wait patiently until you find the right material. Knuckles Up Woodwork offers the best reclaimed wood for sale in Three Rivers and the surrounding area. From yellow pine to red oak, you’ll find a wide variety of gorgeous reclaimed wood items at Knuckles Up. Looking for something specific? We’ll help you find the wood species that works best for you. Contact us today for the friendly and knowledgeable service you deserve. Knuckles Up Woodwork proudly sells reclaimed wood, including repurposed barnwood, from our warehouse here in Three Rivers, Texas.