Backed by an in-depth understanding of differing woods and their characteristics, your Knuckles Up woodworker will be happy to guide you into making the appropriate choice of wood for your custom project. Specializing in reclaimed wood furniture and cabinetry, we carefully hand select each piece to ensure long-lasting strength and functional beauty.

Using local resources for reclaimed and repurposed barnwood, we are experts with the following types of wood:

  • Yellow longleaf pine: Native to the southeastern region of the nation, longleaf pine can be found along the coastal plain of east Texas. Its orange-yellow heartwood is marked by its straight grain and is prized for its superior strength and flexibility as a softwood. It is best for indoor uses.
  • Oak: Widely available and extremely durable, both red and white varieties of oak are resistant to warping and versatile enough to be used in construction as well as furniture.
  • Red pine: Adding the knotty, rustic appearance to furniture and cabinetry, red pine — like its longleaf cousin — is generally low-cost, it resists shrinking and swelling, and it is great for indoor shelving and furniture.
  • Cypress: Known to be highly resistant to decay, old-growth cypress wood is prized by woodworkers as it machines well and readily accepts finishes. Grown primarily in wet, swampy areas along the border of Texas, cypress is readily available to residents of the Lone Star state. It is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, including beams and columns.
  • Mesquite: With seven species covering more than 54 million acres across the Texas landscape, mesquite is one of the hardier types of trees. Dark brown with a wavy grain that varies between caramel to black, the unique beauty of mesquite makes it a great choice for indoor furniture, cabinetry, and wood walls.

Discover the unique beauty and benefits of reclaimed wood in all of its forms by using custom-milled wood by Knuckles Up of Three Rivers, Texas for all of your decorative storage and furniture needs. Contact us today to get started on your own custom wood project!