The craft of woodworking is an art as old as the dawn of human civilization itself. In the earliest days of the Neanderthals, in addition to working with stone and clay, wood was an extremely common material, in both supply and usage of primitive crafting and construction. In fact, many historians deem the development of civilization as being very closely tied to the improved degree of skill that early humans developed working with these materials. Some of the earliest constructed objects ever discovered have been primitive creations sourced with wood. The role of wood and wood material construction in human history is incredibly important, and a humble beginning to the larger field of craft that Knuckles Up Woodwork now specializes in.

The importance and relevance of woodworking hasn’t really changed since our ancestors implemented it over 200,000 years ago. Even in our modern industrial age, with metal and technology dominating the fields of construction and material crafting, woodworking still has a strong presence that is valued by passionate craftsmen and consumers alike. The commitment to making beautiful works and functional wooden features is a honed craft that requires creativity, skill, and dedication. Luckily, Knuckles Up Woodwork in Three Rivers has a dedicated team of professional woodworkers that are skilled in a variety of woodworking techniques, and love the creative challenge that any good custom woodworking job requires. Keep reading to see how we can bring our love and passion for quality custom woodworking into a project that will upgrade the look and feel of your home.