Knuckles Up Woodwork in Three Rivers offers the most finely-crafted custom reclaimed wood furniture anywhere. Our expert craftsmen have years of creating unique, one-of-a-kind wood furniture and cabinets to your exact specifications. We love the entire process, from design to installation. However, creating a piece of art takes work, and it’s important to have a process that works for you. Below, we’ll go over in brief how to bring your reclaimed wood cabinets, flooring, furniture, and more to life. Contact us for a free estimate today!

Planning & Design

Building your own handcrafted furniture takes careful planning. After all, you don’t just grab a piece of wood and have at it. Usually, the process begins the old fashioned way — with a pencil and paper. After we consult with the customer about their vision, we sit down and sketch out what we heard, using our unique skill set to add in design elements that will make your custom wood furniture of cabinets shine. Depending on the complexity of the process and on our inspiration, this could take many days. We sketch until we believe we have it. Then we take our drafts and create firm drawings, along with the proper dimensions of wood needed and the finish desired. Some of our craftsmen use computer programs to aid them as well. We then get our cut list together of the wood we will need and send the final design along to the customer for approval. If we get this phase right, the rest of the custom refinished wood furniture or cabinetry process goes pretty smoothly.

Prepare & Gather

The next step in bringing your custom reclaimed furniture piece to life is preparation and gathering of materials. We lay out our workspace as we will need it, including the metal components we will need for the joints or screws. We sharpen our tools and have them at the ready, and then we choose the reclaimed wood.

Choose the Reclaimed Wood

Choosing the reclaimed wood is the most enjoyable part of the custom wood furniture and cabinetry process. Each piece of wood we choose has a history that is usually hidden, but can be partially revealed. Sometimes we know exactly where our reclaimed wood comes from, such as a barn teardown. Other times, we have no idea. However, it’s fun to hold a piece of wood in your hands that is over 100 years old and think about where that wood has been and what it was once a part of. There’s almost nothing as magical as working with living history every day and making a new living history with your custom wood furniture piece.

After doing our due diligence on every wood piece we use (checking for any large cracks, worm holes or other signs of insects, or saw marks that could mar the overall appearance of your piece), we bring the reclaimed wood back and set to work.

Create the Best Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture & Cabinetry

After we’ve chosen the reclaimed wood for quality, beauty, and durability, we start to cut, piece together, and carve. Once your piece is finished, we add in any final details, and after checking it over thoroughly, we add in the finish. Knuckles Up Woodwork in Three Rivers recommends that you don’t opt to change the color. After all, you opted for reclaimed wood for its character, but if you stain it, you’ll lose its natural color and part of its charm. Once your custom reclaimed wood furniture or cabinets are finished, we install. Your job then is only to enjoy the beauty, the history, and the functionality for a lifetime.


When you partner with a great reclaimed wood seller, such as Knuckles Up Woodwork in Three Rivers, you can be assured that you will be buying the highest-quality products that will add beauty to your home, whether you are adding in wood flooring, or you are making reclaimed wood furniture.

Here, we’ve always been passionate about wood. Our team believes that wood in any form is a statement of beauty that remains unmatched by any other building material. We handcraft unique furniture and decorative building items, saving reclaimed wood and repurposing it to your exact specifications. Calling on years of woodworking experience, we are able to restore the natural beauty, warmth, and glow of all types of wood, giving you one-of-a-kind furniture pieces you’d be proud to call your own.

We’re a close-knit family of craftsmen and woodworkers whose pride in workmanship is only surpassed by our commitment to personalized customer service. We combine individualized care with exceptional woodworking skills to create unique furnishings for both indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you’re looking for an unusual family dining table or want additional outdoor seating that is rustic and inviting, our designers and builders will work with you to bring your vision to life. We’ll make recommendations as to what wood works best for each application and add a creative and personal touch to ensure an incredible result. Discover the beautiful difference real wood makes — contact the Knuckles Up team today. We promise exceptional service and a Texas-sized smile at no extra charge!