At Knuckles Up Woodwork, we are a team of proud craftsmen who have a special place in our collective heart for the beauty and capability that wood can provide to a home, or really any sort of area. We are particularly adept at using reclaimed wood to create beautifully-recycled furniture masterpieces, fit for any sort of space or occasion. The rustic beauty that old barn wood or other types of reclaimed wood naturally possess creates an incredible material to work with.

But what type of wood do we use exactly? And what type of wood should you use/request for your next custom woodworking furniture project? Luckily, the woodworking experts at Knuckles Up Woodwork in Three River have decades of combined experience, working with a variety of wood types, creating a variety of pieces of quality, custom reclaimed wood furniture. Keep reading to learn more about the types of reclaimed wood we use and how Knuckles Up can create your next dream project. If you want to check out how our woodworking process goes, click here, and if you want to see our reclaimed wood catalog, click here! 

Types of Reclaimed Wood 

Our team has an experienced history and an in-depth understanding of the way different wood types look and feel. We proudly use a variety of reclaimed wood for our custom furniture projects — wood that has been repurposed from its original use as barnwood or older structural beams. For each project we create, we hand-select each piece, to ensure that your custom project will look, feel, and function just the way you dreamed it and we created it. We use local resources all around Live Oak County for our selection of reclaimed wood, and we are particular experts with the following types of wood:

Yellow Longleaf Pine

Heavily populating the southeast area of the United States from east Texas all the way to southern Maryland, the yellow longleaf pine is a thick, red-brown and scaly softwood known for its sturdiness. The heartwood, or denser inner part of the tree, has an orange-yellow hue with a straight-grain pattern, and it was a common ship-building material for the Navy in the 19th and 20th centuries because of its strength and flexibility. It’s a great type of wood for creating custom reclaimed wood furniture that will be used for mostly indoor purposes and provides a lighter yellow glow compared to other reclaimed wood types. 


One of the most popular materials for any sort of wood construction or customer reclaimed wood furniture, oak is a widely available and extremely durable type of wood. There are about 600 types of oak wood, but they all generally share the same characteristics — extreme durability, resistance to warping, sizable population numbers, etc. They are also extremely resistant to insect and fungal attacks due to the high tannin content in oak trees. Used as the wood of choice for numerous purposes, like whiskey barrels, wine corks, old naval ships, and even an ingredient in older iron gall ink, oak has a rich history of usage, and a rustic beauty that can beautify any type of customer reclaimed wood furniture project we create with it.

Red Pine

Native to North America, the red pine is a common type of tree in the northeast United States and southeast Canada. A coniferous evergreen tree, the red pine is a moderately hard and straight-grained wood and is commonly used in the construction of cabin logs, lumber, railway ties, and fence posts. In terms of custom reclaimed wood furniture projects, red pine gives off a slightly warmer glow compared to its yellow longleaf cousin. It’s generally low-cost, and it resists the shrinking or swelling that some reclaimed wood types can experience, making it a perfect wood type to use in indoor furniture and shelving.


Just like oak, cypress encapsulates a variety of different cypress wood types, although the family has around 40 types compared to the endless number of oak types. The ones that grow along the border of our great state of Texas and throughout Louisiana and North Carolina are extremely flood-resistant conifers, understandably so as they thrive in the swampier and flood-heavy areas of the southeast coast of the United States. Cypress wood is particularly resistant to decay, and old-growth wood cypress, or reclaimed wood from extremely old cypress trees, is great for indoor or outdoor use with a structural function — it’s also a joy to work with from our end as it readily accepts finishes and machines well.


Another popular and widespread type of wood across the United States, mesquite wood has just seven different species that cover more than 54 million acres across our great Lone Star state. It actually has a variety of uses in food, with mesquite chips used for smoking meats and mesquite pods having the capability to be ground into flour to make bread. While it’s one of the more expensive types of lumber/reclaimed wood, the extra cost comes with extra rustic beauty. With wavy grains emphasized by dark and shadowy browns and blacks, mesquite is one of the more bold types of reclaimed wood we love to use for a variety of customer reclaimed wood furniture, like cabinetry, wood walls, and coffee tables.

Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture from Knuckles Up Woodwork

Regardless of what type of reclaimed wood you are looking for, our team of woodworking specialists at Knuckles Up Woodwork in Three Rivers are dedicated to crafting the perfect custom reclaimed wood furniture for your home or property. We have already created so many beautiful reclaimed wood pieces for our clients in the Live Oak County area, and we would love to take on whatever project you have in mind. Take a look at our Projects page to learn more about our process or for some inspiration on what kind of custom reclaimed wood furniture you want. Give us a call today, and see what Knuckles Up can create for you!