Photo of red barn with Texas flag painted on the side

Wood, barns, and Texas are a story as old and true as Texas herself. The tradition and the aesthetic that a rustic barn or a piece of reclaimed wood furniture can bring to your home is at the heart of Texas and her culture. Barnwood is an important part of that tradition, and at Knuckles Up Woodwork, we are very proud to harvest and repurpose wood from the oldest and grandest barns in Three Rivers and the surrounding areas. Keep reading below to learn more about barnwood and its quick rise in popularity in Texas, and around the country.

What is Barnwood?

As the name might suggest, barnwood is the repurposed planks, beams, and joists that once made up a barn. It’s a specific type of reclaimed wood; reclaimed wood is older wood that has already been used in an old building or structure, and is being repurposed for something else, like furniture or housing fixtures. Barnwood can be any number of wood types, like oak, maple, hickory, beech, poplar, elm, pine, ash, fir, and others. The type of wood depends on the barn’s location, age, and design, and the part of the barn used for a project also depends on the project. 

Barnwood is a type of reclaimed wood, meaning its essentially aged wood boards that have weathered time and the elements during their prior lives as lumber for a barn. The wood has a distinct rustic appearance, with knots, nail holes, pockmarks, and weathered shadings of old paint, with colors that range from a dark gray or silver to a deep brown. The varying shades and accents that naturally occur within barnwood give it that old Western feel that we Texans can’t get enough of. This unique and natural texturing combined with the worn appearance for each plank of wood makes them rarely uniform, and a fashionable, yet durable building material.

Why is Barnwood So Popular?

Barnwood is not a new phenomenon, especially in Texas, but recent design trends have really started to make the use of it quite fashionable. The homely and antique appearance of barnwood has been putting it into shabby-chic home designs everywhere. Hardwood flooring is a very popular use of barnwood, and there are numerous types of barnwood furniture being popularized, like coffee tables, dressers, countertops, cabinets, and even hardwood ceiling designs. Reclaimed barnwood is also being consistently used for other craft projects like bed headboards, fireplace mantels, fencing, exterior siding, and wall paneling.

The repurposed nature of using reclaimed barnwood is fulfilling the recycling dreams of eco-friendly homeowners everywhere. It is also an extremely useful and durable building material, due to its weathering of the humidity changes through the seasons as a barn plank. This has led to many reclaimed barnwood sources getting a new leg up and giving old, dilapidated barns new life and purpose around Texas and the rest of the country. Barnwood has even become so popular, that there have been a few instances of people breaking into private barns and stealing beams and planks. Don’t worry though; Knuckles Up Woodwork proudly and carefully acquires our reclaimed barnwood from (willing) resources in and around Three Rivers and the greater Live Oak County.

Reclaimed Barnwood at Knuckles Up Woodwork

The traditional yet fashionable trend of using barnwood has become more and more widespread in the past couple of years. Even the best home designers outthere would struggle to recreate the distinct character that reclaimed barnwood provides to a home, and that unique and stylish level of authenticity is what has made barnwood fly off the wood piles. 

At Knuckles Up Woodwork, we are proud creators, collectors, and providers of reclaimed barnwood. We have a literal pile of reclaimed barnwood for sale, and our woodworking experts have plenty of experience in the restoration and repurposing of authentic barnwood and reclaimed barnwood furniture. Whether its a specific design idea that you have been toying with in your head, or you want our expert woodworkers to make you a one-of-a-kind piece of barnwood furniture, Knuckles Up Woodwork is your one-stop shop for all types of reclaimed wood and barnwood. Give us a call today and see what we can provide for you.