Reclaimed barnwood is becoming a trendy new material for custom furniture and home interior projects all over the nation. And like a number of other things, no one can quite do barnwood projects like we do here in Texas. Barnwood is ingrained in our culture and our history, and we are very proud to show that at Knuckles Up Woodwork, through our custom reclaimed wood and barnwood furniture projects. We are also a committed provider of reclaimed wood to Three Rivers and the surrounding areas, for those who want to do some woodworking projects themselves.

With all of our collective professional woodworking experience, we love a good barnwood project, and we want to share some fun project ideas with you. Whether it gets your own woodworking imagination going or sends you our way for a custom barnwood project, keep reading to get some creative inspiration for all your barnwood project wants and needs.

Infographic showing where barnwood can be used in the house

Entry or Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Work BenchA sturdy and clean wood table is one of the most classic and rustic looks you can have in your home or space. Whether it’s a weathered picnic table in a park or a massive dining table in a fancy home, the wooden table is a staple in design and woodworking because it’s very effective and easy to make, and it looks good in practically any environment or space.

In the case of a barnwood table, you get all those rustic and classic characteristics, plus the sturdiness and aesthetic appeal that would look good in any home. A skinnier, waist-high, polished barnwood table with some metal piping and brackets would be very useful for placing house keys, a lamp, or decorations, and looks beautiful next to your home’s entryway. For your living room, a knee-high barnwood coffee table which isn’t sanded or painted will retain a strong weathered look, giving a rustic and fashionable appearance to any living room.

Chest or Gift Box

From swashbuckling pirates to a magical adventure that starts in a dusty attic, a sturdy wooden chest or box can provide imagination fuel for the adventurer in all of us, and a diverse amount of functionality as well. A wooden chest or box can be a great place for storage, while simultaneously being a rustic decoration, a small table, or even a place to sit. And the aesthetic of a robust wooden chest with metal latches in a home cannot be beaten.

The sturdier and more weathered a chest or box looks, the greater the rustic appeal and appearance. Luckily, barnwood is the top-dog of rustic appearance, so a chest or gift box made of barnwood is a fantastic way to get that aesthetic along with the functionality. Our woodworking experts at Knuckles Up can craft a sharp looking barnwood chest that would give any room a cozy and rustic vibe; a small barnwood gift box can also make a simple gift, such as a bottle of whiskey, look like a private selection for the kings of old.


Wooden shelves have been in homes almost as long as homes have been around. Whether it’s a traditional mounted shelving rack set in a kitchen or the more modern free-standing shelves that usually hold interior decor and ornaments, the need and want to display or store things on our walls is not a new trend. However, a more recent trend of “floating” shelving is turning up more and more in modern interior designs.

There are a number of materials that could make a good “floating” shelf, but none are better than a dense plank of barnwood. A weathered barnwood shelf that holds some photos or decorative trinkets is a great rustic complement to any chic home design. This is another simple reclaimed barnwood project that might be a good step for the self-motivated woodworkers out there. A simple pair of black steel pipes and floor flanges drilled into the wall will just leave one more step: find a plank of good barnwood that will rest on the pipes and look good while doing it.  

Bed HeadboardRepurposed Wood Bed Frame

The most important thing about your bed is the mattress because it is what you are sleeping on every night. But the second most important thing is the frame and the aesthetic. Everyone has their own bed framing preferences, whether it’s just the mattress on the floor or the whole selection of frame, box spring, headboard, and even a canopy. But everyone can also appreciate the appearance that a sturdy wooden headboard can bring to a bed and bedroom.

If you appreciate a headboard enough to have one on your own bed, you can’t go wrong with a barnwood-made headboard. A dense and sturdy barnwood headboard can be a good anchor for your bed, and the distinct-yet-weathered look can provide a unique, old-timey framing of your sleep space that looks good in practically any bedroom. A headboard is also a fairly straightforward reclaimed barnwood project, so if you are in the market to be working on your own barnwood projects, it might be a great first project to undertake yourself.

Mirror Frame

For most interior design methods, it’s hard to put a foot wrong using a sturdy wooden frame. Windows, beds, pictures, cabineting, closets, etc. — a good looking wooden frame can give a rugged yet chic impression to any type of interior design or furnishing. The same is true for any type of household mirror as well, whether it’s the small one hanging above the entry table near your doorway or the full-length one on the back of your closet door.

Framing a mirror in your home with barnwood is a great project idea for any woodworking or design aficionado. A weathered barnwood mirror frame will compliment practically any bathroom or wall design, and make the room feel like it’s straight out of an old western or fancy lodge hotel. This is another simple project for those looking for a DIY barnwood project that they can handle themselves — all you will need is four correctly measured planks of reclaimed barnwood and maybe some wood scraps to secure the mirror in place.

Barnwood Projects with Knuckles Up Woodwork

Hopefully, these ideas can allow you to imagine your chic-yet-rustic dream home design, or maybe give you the push you wanted to craft some of these barnwood projects yourself. Either way, Knuckles Up Woodwork here in Three Rivers can help out. 

We have a number of expert professional woodworkers who specialize in high-quality custom woodworking and we would love to hear your ideas. We also have a massive collection of reclaimed barnwood for sale, for the determined, self-sufficient woodworkers out there trying to make their own barnwood projects. Give us a call today and see how Knuckles Up Woodwork can help with your reclaimed wood project.