1. Creative Barnwood Project Ideas: Part II

    There’s nothing quite like the warm look of reclaimed wood, with the rough texture, the range of colors even on a single piece, and the endless possibilities. Before steel and other metals became some of the most common building materials, everything was made with wood. Homes, barns, and other structures made of wood stood the test of time and have come out on the other side looking even better …Read More

  2. What is the Best Type of Wood for My Next Woodworking Project?

    At Knuckles Up Woodwork, we are a team of proud craftsmen who have a special place in our collective heart for the beauty and capability that wood can provide to a home, or really any sort of area. We are particularly adept at using reclaimed wood to create beautifully-recycled furniture masterpieces, fit for any sort of space or occasion. The rustic beauty that old barn wood or other types of rec…Read More

  3. 5 Creative Barnwood Project Ideas For Your Home

    Reclaimed barnwood is becoming a trendy new material for custom furniture and home interior projects all over the nation. And like a number of other things, no one can quite do barnwood projects like we do here in Texas. Barnwood is ingrained in our culture and our history, and we are very proud to show that at Knuckles Up Woodwork, through our custom reclaimed wood and barnwood furniture projects…Read More

  4. Photo of red barn with Texas flag painted on the side

    Barnwood: What Has Made It So Popular?

    Wood, barns, and Texas are a story as old and true as Texas herself. The tradition and the aesthetic that a rustic barn or a piece of reclaimed wood furniture can bring to your home is at the heart of Texas and her culture. Barnwood is an important part of that tradition, and at Knuckles Up Woodwork, we are very proud to harvest and repurpose wood from the oldest and grandest barns in Three Rivers…Read More

  5. Why Do We Use Reclaimed Wood?

    “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” This common phrase might just be a simple proverb to some, but here at Knuckles Up Woodwork, it is an important motto we try to operate by. Our professional woodworkers take a considerable amount of pride in their utilization of reclaimed wood, and their long history of reclaimed wood projects.  We seek out this “trash”, and we work t…Read More

  6. Welcome!

    Welcome to Knuckles Up Woodwork! At Knuckles Up Woodwork, we are dedicated to bringing your woodworking vision to life. Our experienced woodworkers combine their undying passion and incredible skill to craft the custom wood items that you have envisioned in your home and business. From start to finish, and whatever steps in between, we are proud to serve Live Oak County and the surrounding communi…Read More