There’s nothing quite like the warm look of reclaimed wood, with the rough texture, the range of colors even on a single piece, and the endless possibilities. Before steel and other metals became some of the most common building materials, everything was made with wood. Homes, barns, and other structures made of wood stood the test of time and have come out on the other side looking even better than they did decades ago — thanks to a resurgence of reclaimed barnwood in the interior design field.

Whether it’s the rustic charm, the character, the unique color, or texture of the wood, there’s something about reclaimed wood that makes it an irresistible addition to many homes. So, with the popularity of aged wood also came countless opportunities to design and create beautiful and unique custom wood woodworking pieces.

While barnwood may not be an ideal choice for every home (especially ones with a more modern or contemporary aesthetic), if you have even a small hint of rustic, country, or farmhouse style to your home, the addition of a barnwood project will enhance the overall appeal.

At Knuckles Up Woodwork, we love the look and feel of reclaimed barnwood, and we love creating pieces that will add to and complement the overall design and style of your home. We have been serving the Three Rivers, Texas community for years, so if you’re looking for reclaimed barnwood for sale and want to make a stunning piece of furniture or other barnwood project, get in touch with us today and we’ll help get you started. And if you’re not familiar with woodworking tools or equipment, our craftsman can even make it for you.

Here are some of our favorite barnwood projects:


Home offices tend to have a commercial feel to them, especially when the desk, shelving, and other items around the room are made with plastic or metal. A custom desk made from reclaimed wood adds a warm, homey feel to the room and the piece can be made to fit the room perfectly. If you’ve always wanted a corner desk, a desk with uneven edges, or a piece with just the right number and placement of drawers, a custom barnwood desk will complete your office.

Sliding Barn Door With Reclaimed Wood

Bathroom Vanity

Whether it’s the main bath or a master bathroom, these spaces are meant to be comfortable and inviting. The bathroom vanity is the perfect opportunity to showcase a beautiful barnwood project. You can customize it with the perfect sized drawers or cabinets, open shelves for storage, wooden drawer and cabinet pulls, and even the layout of the wood pieces. To bring the whole look together, complement the wood vanity with a tile backsplash for a mix of rustic and modern.

Barn Door

There’s nothing that says reclaimed wood more than a barn door. With this barnwood project, though, it needs to be done right to prevent it from looking too much like a, well, barn.

  • The wood itself for the door should have that classic reclaimed look, but shouldn’t have rough edges that someone could get a splinter from.
  • If the door had paint on it at one point, it shouldn’t be peeling from the surface.
    The hardware used to attach the door to the wall should be clean, rust-free, and could even have a modern look to it to create balance.
  • A barn door is perfect for pantries or entrances to mudrooms, where the door could remain open or closed and won’t disrupt the flow of the home too much. If you want a barn door on a bathroom, make sure that the door adequately overlaps the wall and there is a secure latch to ensure privacy.

Coat Hanger/Hooks

There are hundreds of designs for coat hangers and hooks made from reclaimed barnwood. If you want to go the traditional route with a single board and several hooks, that’s great! This classic look is perfect for an entryway, mudroom, bathroom, or even a bedroom. To take this barnwood project one step further, though, there are dozens of options available.

  • Create a framed look with a ledge at the top for decor.
  • Rather than horizontal, lay the boards side-by-side vertically with a frame around the sides.
  • Use one long, horizontal board with uneven ledges going across.
  • Use one horizontal board and shorter, angled boards at one end to create an arrow.
  • Talk with the woodworking team at Knuckles Up Woodwork to get more ideas!

Rustic Repurposed Wood BenchPorch Swing

Imagine relaxing on a beautiful, comfortable swing on the porch! This project may be more advanced, but with the right tools and experience, you can create a porch look that is in the envy of the neighborhood. The swing could have a traditional look, or you could be more adventurous with a deeper seat, a unique pattern on the back, a freestanding swing with a frame or one that is secured to the roof, it could have wide enough arms to place a drink or book on, or it may not have arms at all and have more of a daybed look. The key with a barnwood swing is that it’s sturdy and uses quality reclaimed wood. After it’s installed, toss a few pillows and a blanket on there and add a barnwood side table to complete the look.

Living Room Accessories

If you’d rather fill up your home with several smaller items instead of a larger focal piece, there are plenty of accessories you can create using barnwood.

  • Candleholders: Whether it’s blocks of wood of varying sizes with holes for small tea lights, a long piece with several holes, or tall, elegant candle votives, wooden candleholders quickly warm up a space and add a unique look. If you want something a little larger, a lantern design may be what you need.
  • Serving Tray: Put it on your coffee table and display little trinkets, or actually use the piece as a serving tray, this will make a great addition to your living room or kitchen.
  • Art: Creating art from reclaimed barnwood truly lets the wood’s texture and color take center stage. You can paint or stain the wood using unique designs or images, arrange pieces in a certain way based on the grain or tones of the wood, use a wood burning tool to write a personal message — there are no wrong answers when it comes to art.
  • Message board: It could be a frame with a chalkboard in the center, or a piece of wood that uses hardware to hold a roll of paper, this is a beautiful piece of decor that will look great in any room.

When it comes to barnwood projects, the trick is finding reclaimed barnwood for sale that has history and character before it’s even made into anything. At Knuckles Up Woodwork in Three Rivers, we specialize in finding high-quality reclaimed barnwood and creating beautiful pieces of furniture, accessories, decor, and more. Whatever you are envisioning for your home, we can turn it into a reality. We love working with wood and we take pride in bringing out the true qualities of the wood, such as the grain, color, and texture. If you have an image in mind, or even if you’re not sure what you want, get in touch with the Knuckles Up team today.