Choosing to see discarded lumber as treasure rather than trash, we see the potential in every plank, board and beam. We’re known and respected around these parts because of our keen eye for detail and exacting standards for quality. Whether you’re in need of raw, reclaimed barn wood or want us to create a custom piece for your home, our craftsmen have the creativity, knowledge, skill and commitment it takes to ensure your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded.

Family-owned and operated, our Three Rivers workshop serves as our headquarters, allowing us to serve the entirety of Live Oak County and its surrounding areas. We’re led by local and  proud veterans who are as committed to the community as they are they are to providing the highest level of product excellence.

From consultation to finished product, from resource selection to refurbishing, we are known to provide our customers with exceptional care alongside unparalleled product quality. We were built on a foundation of integrity, pride, and good old-fashioned hard work and we promise a commitment to your needs that reflect those values that made us the trusted, go-to source for quality wood that we are.

Find out why local craftsmen and builders trust us for quality wood, and why residents love our wood creations, by contacting us today. We promise personalized care with a Texas-sized smile.